Our Approach

After first capturing and preserving your critical knowledge, we fully map your processes and then integrate the these two vital components to be delivered in real time with Author, our software solution. This allows users to have a holistic view of your processes, measure performance and deliver critical knowledge and information needed at precisely the correct point in real time.

Many process mapping efforts focus entirely on what needs to be done and fail to clearly document the responsible and accountable team members. Corporate Memory Solutions (CMS) employs a straightforward RACI model upfront so that responsible parties are identified as well as those who will assist. Additionally, those who need to be consulted and informed are engaged appropriately.

 CMS expert Knowledge Mapping services combined with our software help you capture what matters most to your organization.

Some Benefits of Our Knowledge Mapping Services and Software

Mapping your organization's knowledge will allow you to:

 - Build a More Engaged and Informed Organization

 - Measure Performance 

 - Maintain Compliance (ISO 9001, HIPPA, NORSOK, BSSE)

 - Secure Your Organization's Institutional Knowledge

 - Safeguard Against the Loss of Personnel

 - Provide Knowledge In Real Time Across Your Enterprise

 - Dramatically Reduce On Boarding Times (40% Average Reduction)