Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Corporate Memory Solutions (CMS) helps clients capture the knowledge that matters most to their business. 


We partner with you to develop and map all your essential knowledge and processes.


Through our interactive consultancy and innovative software your knowledge is preserved and made available in real time across your enterprise.


​Powered by "AUTHOR"    CMS provides Clarity through Insight

The Author software package is an easy to use and easy to understand solution for distributing knowledge and measuring performance alongside the business process mapping and management definition features of our product.


A clear, concise and consistent presentation in an electronic (html) management system guarantees that everyone can see exactly what they are responsible for – and enables you to access all supporting documentation with the click of a mouse.

It is the ideal solution for defining, communicating and managing how work is done.


The “easy menu” wizard makes it ideal for defining individual processes so that you can get results quickly.


Author makes it easy to define, understand and improve how you do business and to manage risk, communicate best practices and comply with international standards such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001.


Author uses best practice process management principles and “RACI” methodology to:


  • Identify roles and responsibilities

  • Generate a range of analysis reports

  • Create sophisticated html output


Features include automatic role involvement reporting, extensive language customization, a comprehensive search facility, a full navigation side menu, the ability to define and analyse your own risk, competency and KPI registers.

Author is used in the UK, Norway, USA, Brazil, Australia, India, China and the Middle East in a range of business sectors as well as by specialist consultancies in HSEQ, HR and Risk Management.


A Vital Tool for:


  • Oil and Gas

  • Logistics

  • Healthcare

  • Investment Banking and Private Equity

  • Engineering

  • Aviation and Aerospace

  • Construction

  • Consultancies


Insight Through Clarity


Ideal if you want to:


  • Expand

  • Standardize

  • Comply

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce Cost

  • Manage Risk

  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

  • Communicate Best Practices


Bruce Tunget - Drilling Manager



Having worked with many programs, your program's simple interface and focus on delivering functionality without unnecessary bells-and-whistles is brilliant.


You have a good product I would recommend to anyone.


Thanks for the great product!

Ms. Pamela Tripp - CEO of CommWell Health

“Author is the breakthrough that our Healthcare industry has disparately needed. Far superior to any other work design/process software that has been used in Healthcare to date. Creates simplicity that makes processes effective and efficient in the most user friendly way.

Our organization is using Author in every department clinical and non- clinical. Author has been paired with our organizational policies, making compliance among colleagues more consistent by creating standardization of work flows, resulting in greater patient safety and improved quality of care as well as corporate financials savings.


Author has become our organization's memory bank and provides new colleagues with work flow tools that are easy to understand as they onboard and socialize in their new job positions. Utilizing the software for almost a year and remain very encouraged with its potential to create standardization and consistency in hardwiring all our corporate work flows."